We want your experience with our forum to be as enjoyable and easy as possible. To make things clear and user-friendly, we have listed the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in one concise section.

Have a look at our FAQs below and get in touch if you need any additional information.

  1. What is a Swage Kit or a SOC die? What purpose does it solve?

    • Swaging is a cold forming process, wherein a lead wire or recycled lead can be used to form any shape the die resembles. All you need is a press and our kit.

    • The purpose of our kit is to give our customers the freedom to make their own projectiles or to have custom made projectiles to suit their requirements.

  2. There are different pictures of different dies on your page? Which is the latest one and why is the old one no longer sold? Can I still buy a V2 kit?

    • No, we are sorry, but the V2 kit is no longer manufactured.

    • The V2 kit was more complicated to use, hence the V3 kit was developed, it is based on the same principle as the V2 kit, but with lesser parts.

  3. What is a cavity/ projectile diameter and what is a grain size? Which one should I purchase to match my requirements?

    • Cavity/ projectile diameter is specified by the barrel manufacturer. It can be 0.177 inches or 4.500mm , 0.217 inches or 5.515mm and so on.

    • A grain size is essentially the weight of the projectile, higher the grain size, heavier the projectile and vice-versa. We have a range of standard grain size available for specific cavity/ projectile diameters, you can check our products page for more information.

    • If you have any query in choosing a cavity/projectile diameter and the grain size, get in touch with us via E-mail, Facebook or using the Contact Form and we'll help you choose the right one.

  4. ​How do I confirm that the size you recommend works for me? My barrel likes a particular size, can you match it to that size?​ Do you charge to make a custom size/ specification?

    • Barrel sizes are fixed and made with very close tolerances as long as there is no modification done to the barrel. We use standard measured data published on manufacturers website; eg. Lothar Walther or FX Sweden to match our designs.

    • Yes, it can be done as long as it is in the range of cavity/ projectile diameters that we offer on our website.

    • No we don’t, unless it’s a new development from scratch or requires excess modification to standard design.

  5. I want to try your kit before buying, can you send me a sample kit? If not the kit, then can you send me projectiles to check with my barrel and see how well they work?

    • No, we are sorry. All kits are tailor made to the customers requirements, it is not feasible to manufacture a sample kit for everyone as per their specific requirements and ship it to them.

    • No we don’t, we at GMI Engineering are tool manufacturers we do not manufacture projectiles of any kind. Each tool or kit is individually made and represents the order placed by our customers so no two swage kits are same. Hence, if we are to send projectile samples they wont be similar to the kit you can configure, order or the material you use to swage.

  6. What is the BC(Ballistic Coefficient) of your projectile?

    • We do not have the data yet as we only manufacture tools to swage metal.

    • As alloy composition, grain size, projectile diameter and many other factors are customer specific, we cannot tabulate and share the data or results as it won't be a standard one.

  7. Why buy a $$$ kit when we can get projectiles at a click of a button? Why go through the hassle?

    • Well, GMI doesn’t replace the commercially available projectiles. GMI provides a solution that empowers you to recycle and reuse projectiles if need be.

    • Consider it as an investment that can make a difference as it gives you the ability to create something. Basically, you can make your own projectiles while watching a Netflix show and there you go 150+ projectiles ready for plinking! ​

  8. What makes GMI different?

    • Well, GMI is a customer focused company, we respect connections over transactions, we don’t hesitate to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction. We have manufacturing capacities out of Asia. We have UK based customer care agent available, we have a long standing partnership with premium shipping companies like UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, DPD and others.

    • We have our own website with customer focused payment gateways for safe and stress free transaction, we are not based out of China hence we can operate freely through an open market and can assure you of ease of shipping with premium tracked and traced services.

  9. ​​What is the aim of GMI​?

    • Our aim is to provide quality service and a product that lasts a lifetime. GMI makes swage kits that can be used on any generic arbor press or with a hammer. Customers don’t need to buy an expensive press to start making slugs.​

  10. ​What if the kit has issues? Do you have replacement policy?​

    • No problem, send us pictures and videos of the issues you face, we will ask you some questions and evaluate if there is anything amiss with our Standard Operating Procedure (90% of the time it is the wrong procedure).

    • If it still doesn’t get resolved. We proceed with a replacement kit in the next 7 days. ​

  11. Refunds? Do you offer any?

    • Well, we do have refund policy but only in case of genuine issues and problems that cannot be solved in, or if its our manufacturing or technical fault, usually a replacement solves the issue else we issue a refund and recall the kit.

  12. What are the customizable weight inserts​? What can I do with them? Why are they sold in the same cavity/ projectile diameter size?

    • There are a variety of grain sizes to choose from for different cavity/ projectile diameter. The customizable weight insert option gives you the freedom to buy a different grain sized die in the same cavity/ projectile diameter size for less than half the price of the primary kit.

    • So you buy a primary kit in say for example; the 0.22 cavity/ projectile diameter with a 23 grain size weight, in the second option you choose your favorite second grain size say 27 grain size for additional $95. Now, we give you two dies that produce two different grain sized projectiles from the same kit. So if you want a light projectile use the 23 grain die and if you want a heavy projectile use the 27 grain die with the same primary kit. Hence, you need not buy a new kit just for an additional grain size.

    • As the cavity/ projectile diameter changes the structure and the design of the kit changes, hence we cannot offer the additional weight inserts in different cavity/ projectile diameter.

  13. Why can't I select my country on the checkout page?

    • Owing to rules and regulations in certain countries we cannot ship our products to a selected few countries.

  14. What are the different nose/ tip types that you offer? What is a dimple-nose and a hollow-point tip?​​ Can I buy just the hollow-point? Will I be able to use the same pin with different grain sized kits?

    • A Dimple-Nose is a small indentation of the tip of the projectile, that occurs during the ejection process of the projectile, basically it is a solid projectile. The hollow-point on the other hand is, as the name suggests a hollow-point on the tip of the projectile.

    • The Hollow-Point is offered as standard with the kit, the Dimple-Nose is an added optional for $30.

    • No, the pins we manufacture are specific to the grain size of the kit, you cannot interchange them.​​

  15. How is the kit shipped? Do I need to purchase an additional storage box to store the kit when not in use?

    • The kit is packed and shipped in a plastic case. One plastic case can hold an entire kit along with the additional weight inserts and the hollow-point/ dimple-nose pins.

    • No, the shipping case also functions as a storage case for your kit or to carry your accessories.

  16. What are the recommended storing pre-requisites for the kit? Any special care needs to be taken to improve the longevity of the kit?

    • Always keep the kit free from any moisture or water. If there is water collected in the kit, dry it off with a cloth or use compress air to blow it away.

    • It is always recommended to apply a thin film of oil or WD-40 on the surface and the spares of the kit.

    • Due to very tight machining tolerances, the accumulation of dust can lead to seizure of parts, we recommend cleaning the kit every once in a while and storing it in the case to keep it safe and dust-free and always in an optimal condition.

  17. Are there any pre-requisites to use your kits? Do I need to have any special tools or additional equipment's to use your kits?

    • You need to have lead wire of a suitable diameter as per the cavity/ projectile diameter you wish to swage. Information regarding the diameter of the wire is available on the product page​. Alternatively, you can also use used projectiles of a suitable grain size and cavity/ projectile diameter to swage using our kits. When using used projectiles it is mandatory to use a higher grain size projectile. For example, when swaging a 0.22 inches cavity/ projectile diameter, 25 grain projectile we recommend using a 27 grain or heavier sized projectile to achieve best results.

    • A arbor or impact press is what we usually recommend to swage to get the best results. But we have found a hammer to work well too under certain circumstances.

  18. My kit has got jammed during the swaging process? Why did it happen? What went wrong? How can I prevent this from happening? How do I release the jammed up parts?

    • The kit comes in with several parts assembled together to form the kit. The bottom part is called the base, the center part with the cavity is the body, the pin that goes in the body through the base is the ejector pin, the top portion is the guide and the final piece over the guide is the punch. The kit can get jammed due to improper alignment of the kit, defective material or lead fragments getting stuck in the guide.

    • To release the stuck parts, use a flat head screw driver to slowly release the punch from the guide. Alternatively, you can also use a screwdriver and a hammer to slowly tap the punch out from the inside of the guide.

    • Although the kit is hardened and designed to sustain such seizures we suggest using appropriate raw materials when swaging.

    • Use a 500 grit or above sandpaper and make a roll to put it in the guide cavity to remove any excess lead granules until the punch moves in freely again.

  19. What is the individual weight insert? Why is the insert priced more than the additional weight insert on the product page? Why can't I find it in the product page? How can I buy one? Is there any discount applicable when buying more than two or more pieces? I am not an existing customer, can I still buy the individual weight insert? Can I buy the inserts in different cavity/ projectile diameter?

    • The individual weight insert is to add additional grain sizes to the existing cavity/ projectile diameter that you have purchased from GMI. This is exclusively applicable to existing customers only. We will need an invoice of the previous purchase to confirm the grain size and the cavity/ projectile diameter.

    • Due to separate machining and logistics costs we had to increase the cost of the insert. We recommend buying two or more inserts to be eligible for a discount.

    • Due to exclusive availability, the product page is password protected and the password is only shared to customers who wish to purchase the product.

    • Drop us a message or mail and we will share you the OTP to unlock the page, after that you can proceed with the purchase.

    • Yes, we are having a coupon code for two or more inserts.

    • No, we cannot sell you the insert if you don't have our kit.

    • Yes, you can buy and combine any two or more cavity/ projectile diameter or grain sizes, provided you have the kit.

  20. Do you have any how-to-use video of your kit? How do I swage using a press?​​

    • Yes, we have a video to demonstrate the use of our V3 kits, that are available for purchase through our website.

    • You can check the video on our homepage or use the link https://youtu.be/epST88Y3RkY .

    • If you still have some queries after watching the video, drop us a message and we will be happy to help you out.